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Sundernagar is located in Mandi District. The waters of Beas-Sutlej Project have given it a man-made lake. The temple of Mahamaya and Sukhdev Vatika on the nearby hill are other attractions. The beautiful town of Sundernagar is known for its shady walks amidst towering trees.The town is famous for its temples with the Mahamaya Temple being the prominent among them. Perched at an altitude of 1,174 meters, Sundernagar is noted for its shady walks amid towering trees. Sukhdev Vatika is a beautiful garden here. It is also home to Asia’s biggest Hydel Project – the Beas-Stulej hydro-electric project, irrigating nearly one-fourth of the northern plains of India,has brought unprecedented prosperity to Sudernagar. The Beas-Sutlej link colony is the biggest colony in Himachal Pradesh.

BBMB Lake : Sunderngar owes a lot to BBMB, it was BSL Project which brought Sundernagar to its present glory. This project diverts the water of river Beas at Pandoh and brings it through a canal to Sundernagar where it is stored in a manmade lake before being used to generate power at Dehar Power House..
Shukdev Vatika : It is situated near to BBMB reserviour on NH 21. During Pre-Mahabharata period Rishi Shukdev meditated at this place. There is an ancient cave dating back to Puranas. This cave leads to Haridwar and it is believed that Rishi Shukdev used this cave to take bath in holy Ganga River every morning.

Haateswari Temple : This temple is situated on Sundernagar Baggi Road at a distance of about 8 kms from Sundernagar. History of Pandavas can also be traced to this famous temple. Devi Haateswari, the presiding deity of the area has a huge following.
Sheetla mata Mandir Bhoun (kalhoud) Sundernagar: This is an ancient temple of Shri. Sheetla Mata at a hill ,2.00 Km from BBMB Control Gate NH 21 (2.4 KM from New Bus stand Sundernagar) at Bhounn hills in the south of BBMB Control Gate Sundernagar.The temple is visible from Control Gate to Near Chowk area in the south direction of NH 21 adjoining to Doordarshan Tower at Kalhoud.It takes 10 minutes to reach temple from BBMB Control Gate by vehicle &30 minutes on foot . A beautiful scenery of Balh ,Sundernagar &surrounding area can be seen from temple. The architecture of this temple is worth appreciating. This temple also boasts of its beautiful carved wood work. The temple is located in a peaceful area whenever you visit your soul will fill with peace.
Murari Mata :Murari Devi Temple is a beautiful place to visit in Sundernagar. This Temple is in the west of Sunder Nagar on the top of a sacred hill named Murari Dhar & is situated at the height of 7000 ft(2,133 m).The temple is beleived to be built by the PANDAVAS during “AGYATWAS”
This place often receives snowfall in the month of January.In ancient times, there was a mighty monster called Moore on Earth. That monster did terrible austerity of Brahma and asked him a boon that I should become immortal. Then Brahma ji said that I am bound by the laws of the law, so you can not boast of being immortal, but I boast that your slaughter will not be done by any god, human or animal but by the hands of a daughter Will happen.The arrogant Moore monster thought that I am so powerful, where will an ordinary girl kill me? I am immortal.
Thinking that the monster started torturing the earth. He invaded the heavens and expelled the deities from there and became himself the King of Heaven. All the creatures reacted with their atrocities. He was very furious.All the gods went to Lord Vishnu, then God said, do not worry, I will definitely redress your sufferings. The war between Lord Vishnu and Moore monster started, which continued for a long time. Seeing that the war did not end, Lord Narain remembered that Moore’s slaughter could only be done by the girl’s hand, thinking that she was lying in a cave on the hill called Sikandra Dhar (Sikandar Rei Dhar) located in the Himalayas.When Moore came there looking for them, he saw that God is in sleep and warriors should fight against God, thought that a girl from 5 senses, 5 karmendrias, 5 body treasures and minds such as 16 senses was born from God’s body. The girl had a fierce battle with Moore’s monster. Then the goddess killed Murhur with his weapon.Due to the slaughter of Moore, this girl was known as Mata Murari and on the same hill was established as two pillars, one of which is considered to be one of Shantaknya and the other is the form of Kalarati. Due to Mata Murari, this hill became famous as Murari Dhar.In the Dwapar era, when Pandavas were cutting their firewood, then they came to this place. The goddess appeared to him and said that digging on the top of the mountain and digging it, you will find my pillows in that place. Make a temple at that place and establish those groups. According to Mother’s orders, Pandavas built a magnificent temple there. Even today, going down a little below the temple, the footprint of the Pandavas can be seen.

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How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest airport is Bhuntar about 90-km from Sundernagar.

By Train

The broad gauge railhead is at Pathankot, a distance of 210-km. From Pathankot the narrow gauge railway connects Joginder Nagar, which is 80-km from Sundernagar.

By Road

25 kms from Mandi is well connected by road to other places. The main bus stand is just above an open playing field, where the National Highway- 21 continues along the left bank of river to Pandoh.