Aadi Purkha Temple, Tihri – Uttarsal Mandi


The Aadi Purkha Temple of Uttarsal Mandi is another temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in Himachal Pradesh. The temple is located right across the Parashar Hill in Tihri Village in the North West direction. On a bright sunny day, the rest houses at top the Parashar Hill are clearly visible from the Tihri Village.It is believed that once both the Tihri and Khokhan Villages belonged to Kullu Riyasat and natives from both the villages worshiped the Khokhan Brahma. However, a territorial dispute aroused between Mandi and Kullu and resulted in separation of these two villages. The Tihri natives decided to have their own Aadi Brahma Temple and they named it Aadi Purkha Temple. The new temple shares not only its name with the Khokhan Temple but also the architectural style.
At the time of separation, some of the idols and images from the Khokhan Temple were shifted to the Tihri Temple and at the time of the installation, it was decided to name this temple as Aadi Purkha Temple of Tihri – Uttarsal.The pagoda structure of Adi Purkha is interesting for its imposing and well-intentioned arrangement of the three tiers and the formal harmony of the entire structure. The Aadi Brahma takes part in the Kullu Dusshehra Festival where as the Aadi Purkha graces the Mandi Shivratri along with the Pashakot and Hurang Narayan Deities from the Chuhar Valley.

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  • Beautiful View of Aadi Purkha Temple of Tihri Uttarsal Mandi
  • Aadi Purkha Temple of Tihri Uttarsal Mandi
  • Way to Tihri Village in Winters

How to Reach:

By Air

The nearest Airport is at a distance of about 24Kilometers situated at bhuntar in District Kullu, HP.

By Train

The nearest Rail Link is Narrow Gauge line at Joginder Nagar situated at a distance of about 80 Kilometers.

By Road

Tihri Village can be approached either from Mandi – Parashar road( 49Km) or from Bajaura(89.5Km) . A right diversion from Bajaura towards Chandigarh takes you to the Tihri Village. This road is a single lane road for any major traffic. There are no petrol pumps on this road so you must get your vehicles fueled at Bajaura itself. The road meets the Parashar Mandi road near Baagi Bridge. Here from you can either go to Mandi or head towards another ancient wooden wonder of Himachal, the Parashar Lake.