Abstracts Statements of Contesting Candidates.

Abstracts Statements of Contesting Candidates
S/N Name Register Uploaded Dated 21-06-2019
1 Ashray Sharma Annexure
2 Dalip Singh Kaith Annexure 
3 Ram Swaroop Sharma Annexure
4 Ses Ram Annexure
5 Kartar Chand Annexure
6 Khem Chand Annexure 
7 Chander Mani Annexure
8 Mehar Singh Annexure
9 Rajender Suryavanshi Annexure
10 Shiv Lal Thakur Annexure
11 Guman Singh Annexure
12 Ghanshyam Chand Thakur Annexure 
13 Col. Thakur Singh Annexure
14 Dev Raj Bhardwaj Annexure
15 Dr. Dharmender Singh Thakur Annexure
16 Brij Gopal Annexure 
17 Subhash Mohan Snehi Annexure