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WebSite of Himachal Tourism Department - WebSite of Himachal Tourism Development Corporation

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Tourist Places: Rewalsar-Janjehli-Prashar Lake-Barot-Shikari Devi-Jhatingari-Karsog-
Panjain Thach -Gadda Gusaini-TattaPani-Jogindernagar-Chindi-Himachal Darshan


LOCATION: 24 kms. from Mandi.

Rewalsar is equally sacred to Hindus, Sikhs & Buddhists.  It was from this place that Padam Sambhava, a zealous teacher & Buddhist missionary left for Tibet to preach his new doctrine of Buddhism.   The Hindus believe that it was here that Rishi Lomas did his penance in devotion to Lord Shiva. Rewalsar is important to the Sikhs who have a Gurudwara built in commemoration of Guru Gobind Singh's visit to this place.  It is a very sacred place for the Bhutanese, who are following this doctrine of religion as their State Religion. So there is a temple, gompa and gurudwara, besides the holy lake with floating islands.

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LOCATION: At a distance of 67 kms. from Mandi. 

It has all the elements that make it a paradise for trekkers.  It offers paths under thick deodar forests, beautiful scenery, water falls and springs

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LOCATION: 40 Kms north of Mandi

The beautiful Prashar Lake is located high in the mountains. It is here that the sage Prashar is said to have meditated.  On the lake's edge is a three storied Pagoda-like temple dedicated to the sage. Capped with a roof of slate tiles, the temple has a wealth of wood carvings. An old temple, it is said to have been built by Raja Ban Sen of Mandi in the 14th century. An entire panorama of snowy mountain ranges is visible from this location.

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LOCATION: Just 40 kms. by road  and 12 kms. by Haulage Trolley from Jogindernagar.  

Barot packs an enormous range of out door activities. The reservoir of the Joginder Nagar Hydel Power Project is located here. A trout breeding centre, makes it a wonderful place for angling.  Across the river Uhl is the Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary-home to the Ghoral, Himalayan black bear and a variety of pheasants. A trek route through thick forests links Barot to Kullu.

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LOCATION: There are two approaches, one through Janjehali and the other through Karsog.

Trekking Paths through woods of assorted trees and shrubs-which include several medicinal herbs-two seperate trek routes lead up to this ancient shrine which crowns the top of a hill. Hunters in the area once prayed to the goddess for success in their hunt and here perhaps, lies the origin of the name "Shikari Devi". The goddess is worshipped in the form of a stone image.  Interestingly, the temple which is said to have been in existence since the time of the Pandavas, has no roof,   for local legend has it, that all attempts to build one have been unsuccessful.

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LOCATION: It is situated on Ghogar Dhar at an elevation of 6,600 feet. It is 12 kms. from Joginder Nagar.It is easily accessible from Urla in Mandi Pathankot National Highway.

There are beautiful deodar and blue pine forests. The spot infolds breath taking vistas of the valleys below.

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Karsog ValleyKARSOG 

LOCATION: Karsog is Sub-Divisional head quarter of Mandi district at the height of 350 mtrs.

It is famous for Mamleshwar Mahadev, Kamksha Devi and Mahunag temples. It is full of scenic beauty and abundance of apple orchards.

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LOCATION: 75 Kms from Mandi via Bali Chowki.

These are two villages situated  in the middle of thick forests of deodar, pine and tosh trees. Both villages offer beautiful scenery and base camps for adventure loving tourists.

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The valley is virgin and has not been explored by many  adventure loving tourists.  One finds nature at its best offering beautiful surroundings, green forests and pollution free environment. Madhopur Fort was also built by former rulers of Mandi district who had kept their arms and ammunition in it. Besides the fort was used as punishment to hardcore criminals in the state. One more fort named Tungasi was built in the valley and the remains of the fort are still visible.

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LOCATION: 155 kms. from Mandi and 50 kms. from Shimla. 

It is a deep scenic valley and surrounded by high hills, Tattapani is famous for its hot sulphar springs - noted for therapeutic powers. 4 kms from Tattapani is a recently discovered Shiva Gufa which has created a lot of anxiety among local populace and researchers.

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LOCATION: 56 kms. from Mandi.

In 1925, the enterprising Raja Joginder Sen of Mandi created an elaborate hydel power scheme near the village of Sukrabatti - which was then renamed Joginder Nagar after him.  After tunnelling and piping the water over several kilometers from the river Uhl to Joginder Nagar, the power house at Shanan was built by a team of engineers.  Joginder Nagar's attractions include the   Machhiyal lake,   the Bassi Power House, Gumma and the haulage trolley. 

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LOCATION: It is located at Chindi in Karsog Valley.

Situated over a ridge in Karsog valley with spectacular view of range of mountains on both sides, the place is famous for apple orchards and beautiful sceneries and dense forests of deodar and pine.

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LOCATION: Situated at about 4 kms from Mandi towards Kullu on the Chandigarh-Manali National highway.

This art gallery contains a beautiful collection of photographs of exotic locations of the entire state and  reflects the social & cultural heritage of the people of Himachal Pradesh.

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Tourist Places: Rewalsar-Janjehli-Prashar Lake-Barot-Shikari Devi-Jhatingari-Karsog-Top
Panjain Thach -Gadda Gusaini-TattaPani-Jogindernagar-Chindi-Himachal Darshan

Accomodation-Trecking Routes

WebSite of Himachal Tourism Department - WebSite of Himachal Tourism Development Corporation